#10: August 16, 2004

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01. The Buzzcocks - Fast Cars
02. The Ruts – Jah Wars
03. Duke Ellington – Pretty and the Wolf
04. Miriam Makeba – Ha Po Zamani
05. Louis Jordan – Pettin' and Pokin'
06. The Fall – Clasp Hands
07. Buzzkunst – Til the Stars in His Eyes Are Dead
08. The Barber – Inky Minky Dinky Doo
09. Jimi Hendrix – Freedom
10. J Mascis and the Fog – Freedom
11. Bob Dylan – Ballad of a Thin Man
12. Last Poets – Related to What?
13. Charlie Lincoln aka Charlie Hicks – Jealous Hearted Blues
14. Tel Aviv – I Am Particular
15. Say Again – Dome
16. Sweet Jane – Lou Reed
17. My Better Half – One Last Wish
18. Pigs in Zen – Jane's Addiction
19. Tutti Frutti – The Jesters
20. The Viletones – Screamin' Fist
21. Roky Erickson – I Have Always Been Here Before
22. The Cramps – Garbage Man
23. Dr. Alimantado – Mash It Up

posted by Tara


0 #1 2010-04-20 22:30
z0z0 said...

Heh, here we go again:

First of all, Henry started the show with a Damned song called, "Neat Neat Neat," although he put "New Rose" in the book and it's not on this list at all. You guys no like The Damned? I like 'em. :)

Second, and this is wrong in both the book and on this list, the Miriam Makeba song comes on after the Louis Jordan song.

Third, and it's not a mistake but it's kinda funny: during The Fall's song, "Clasp Hands," you can hear a computer sound like iTunes had just finished ripping a CD or something.

Aside from that, tracks 15-19 have the artist and track title reversed.

Don't know if anyone's ever gonna see these comments of mine, but I'll leave 'em anyway in the hopes someone will and will be anal enough as I'd be to edit the lists, heh.

Thu Apr 17, 04:21:00 AM EDT

Blogger Angela said...

I see the messages and thank you. I never thought to go back and check the posts before mine. Until now, no one has really said anything about it. Looks like I'm going to have a summer project now!

Sat Apr 19, 10:29:00 AM EDT

Blogger z0z0 said...

Awesome. You're welcome. :) I'm actually working my way through all the older shows and slicing 'em up into individual tracks (including the portions of the show with Henry talking). I'm also tagging them in iTunes with all the pertinent information. I don't know if anyone's doing that now or whatever, but I hope you guys'll appreciate it as much as I do.

Sun Apr 20, 06:25:00 PM EDT

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