#29: July 18, 2006

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01. Sonic Jihad Brotherhood - "We @!$% You Up"
02. Chuck Dukowski Sextet - "My War"
03. Die Cheerleader - "Christ With Teeth"
04. Funkadelic - "What Is Soul"
05. Roscoe Mitchell Sextet - "Ornette"
06. Pere Ubu - "Heart Of Darkness"
07. Black Flag - "Jealous Again"
08. Black Flag - "Revenge"
09. Black Flag - "White Minority"
10. Black Flag - "No Values"
11. Black Flag - "You Bet We've Got Something Against You!"
12. Butthole Surfers - "Kuntz"
13. John Cale - "Things X"
14. The Fall - "A New Face In Hell"
15. Taam Ming - "Trapeang Pey"
16. Hair Police - "Open Body"
17. Johnny Hartman - "Black Shadows"
18. Huun-Huur-Tu - "Xoomeyimny Kagbasla Men :: I Will Not Abandon My Xoomei"
19. The "5" Royales - "I'm Gonna Run It Down"
20. Alan Vega & RCT - "American"
21. The Pop Group - "We Are All Prostitutes"
22. Raymond Scott - "Quiet Entrance"

posted by Tara


0 #2 2010-04-20 09:36
Anonymous said...

thanks so much! i love your site... i usually listen to the show live, then visit your site to download my favorite sections... tonight, i was so so so glad to get the chuck dukowski sextet ( a rare and wonderful show, even here in l.a. ) and the Roscoe Mitchell Sextet! thanks a million! jerry

Wed Jul 19, 02:40:00 AM EDT

Blogger Tara said...

You're welcome. Thanks for visiting, Jerry.
Please note that Henry originally played "My War" by the Chuck Dukowski Sextet during the December 27, 2004 broadcast. That show can be found in the 2004 section of this site.

Wed Jul 19, 11:14:00 AM EDT

Blogger Letters From A Tapehead said...

Hi Tara,

This is a great site. I stop here usually every Wednesday morning so that I can catch the show during work hours. Being a huge Rollins fan myself, I'm quite appreciative of the ability to download and keep the shows thanks to you.

Thanks again,

Thu Jul 20, 08:49:00 AM EDT

Blogger Tara said...

You're welcome, Sean. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Thu Jul 20, 11:15:00 AM EDT
0 #1 2010-04-20 09:35
Anonymous Sam said...

Another long-overdue thanks! I rarely catch the show live, probably because I know I don't have to. Whatta service! Thanks Tara, I'm sure you have the eternal gratitude of way more folks than actually comment on here. I know you have mine.


Fri Jul 21, 02:37:00 PM EDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for having this site available!

Sat Jul 22, 10:07:00 PM EDT

Blogger Tara said...

You guys are welcome. Thanks for visiting!

Sun Jul 23, 05:36:00 PM EDT

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mind is blown in the best possible way that Henry featured Huun-Huur-Tu. Besides being the best damned radio show that ever was for it's eclecticity (is that a word?) alone, Henry constantly hits very personal warm spots for me. This one was a BIGGY.
I'd offer to have your children, but I don't really want any either. Let's work on the ones that are here already, so they don't burn the place to the ground. A little good music and culture really helps develop strong minds. I'll see you in October in L.A., big guy! Lovings, Chryss

Thu Aug 17, 08:49:00 PM EDT

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