#30: July 25, 2006 - "Punching Dr. Phil In The Nut Sack"

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For archival purposes, tonight's show is titled "Punching Dr. Phil In The Nut Sack" as suggested by West coast fanatic, Stuart. You might remember Stuart for contributing high quality recordings of the show to the archives on a few occasions when I managed to screw up recording.
Thanks, Stuart!
And...I'm sending a very special thank you out to Janette P. for being extraordinarily kind to me.

01. Slayer - "Death's Head"
02. Richard Berry - "You Look So Good"
03. Bootsy Collins - "Rubber Duck"
04. Vanilla Ice - "Living"
05. Crass - "Sucks"
06. The Fall - "Quartet of Doc Shanley"
07. J Mascis and Friends - "Take Me Home"
08. Negative Trend - "Mercenaries"
09. Negative Trend - "Meathouse"
10. Negative Trend - "Black and Red"
11. Negative Trend - "How Ya Feelin'"
12. Flipper - "Ha Ha Ha"
13. Roy Orbison - "In Dreams"
14. Mark Stewart - "The Resistance of the Cell"
15. DJ Screw - "Aggravated Rasta"
16. Eric Dolphy - "Seventeen West"
17. Carpets - "Chicken Backs"
18. Beach Boys - "Wouldn't It Be Nice"
19. The Fontaine Toups - "When I Wake Up"
20. Don Cherry - "There Is The Bomb"
21. Lou Reed - "Shooting Star"
22. Blixa Bargeld - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

posted by Tara


0 #4 Paul 2011-12-29 00:07
There's something that sounds like a whining demon baby between 1:20 and 1:24 of Part 6. O___o
0 #3 2010-04-20 09:41
andreas said...

hi tara,

thanx for the great job! usually downloading the show is the first thing i do wednesday morning when i arrive @ work... :) already looking forward to the upcoming shows... :)

one question: was this weeks show recorded different somehow? sounds a bit "filtered" compared to other shows. or is it just my crappy computer-speakers? but nevermind, great again!!!

Wed Jul 26, 11:40:00 AM EDT
0 #2 2010-04-20 09:40
Blogger Stuart said...

Thank You, Tara.

Although as i noted "Conservative Douchebag" and "A pail of warm water" would have worked as well.

The sound may be that some of the songs are just tough to get sounding good on a 96 kbs mp3 stream.
Things like Mark Stewart and DJ Screw ( ie not Taras favorite ) are just tough to compress well, especially on the fly to an mp3 stream.

Listen to Henry talk about the Beach Boys rememaster and before going "ooh" remember you are just listening to an mp3. Go get
the new source cds and hear the real new sound he is talking about.

Wed Jul 26, 04:51:00 PM EDT

Anonymous andreas said...

hi stuart,

thanx for the explanation - i did not know it was just 96 kbs... just got new (cheapo-) speakers for my computer, so i was wondering as i'm just getting used to how they sound...

btw., getting (or better 'trying to get') the original cds is what i usually do when i like something on the show - to me that's the great thing about the whole show, discovering 'new' stuff! so, again, really great this site exists!!!

Thu Jul 27, 04:07:00 AM EDT

Blogger Angela said...


Thanks for all your efforts in trying to help me give this ticket away. Amazingly there are still no takers. I guess it does sound kooky. I even took the ticket with me to the Buzzcocks show last night and tried to give it to complete strangers. Everyone that would've gone already had plans. (cool dude with the mohawk, if you're out there, it was the Minor Threat patch that gave you away as a fan). Oh well. If no fans will take it for free I guess I'll try to sell it at the door. Maybe that will seem more normal.

Fri Jul 28, 02:14:00 PM EDT
0 #1 2010-04-20 09:39
Blogger Angela said...

What a shame! One of you missed out on a fantasic show!!! If anyone gets a chance to see this tour - do it!! Simply amazing. Henry is serious about not getting spit on. (Can't say I blame him!) Try it and he'll have you tossed out on the spot. It happened tonight. In case y'all are curious, I couldn't stay outside and do anything with the ticket. Too many crackheads. I could've taken some awesome pictures for everyone if the jerks at the door hadn't taken it away from me. They mistakenly thought it was a camera that has attachments. It's not, it's just big and clunky. People with shiny new slim cameras were allowed to keep theirs with them. Nice. So what was the reason I got? The "the band" doesn't want zoom lenses. Huh? Now I can understand you don't want people blinding everyone on stage with some huge crazy flash, but a zoom? Whatever. I know this is already very long, but I have to say one last thing: major kudos to Theo Van Rock. It sounded perfect.

Sat Jul 29, 04:04:00 AM EDT

Blogger Tara said...

Thanks, Angela.

I've been waiting to hear some kind of review from the tour!

Sat Jul 29, 12:39:00 PM EDT

Anonymous Janette P. said...

Hi Tara......just stopping by!

Mon Jul 31, 11:57:00 PM EDT

Blogger Stuart said...

7 1/2 minutes late starting oh well.

Tue Aug 01, 11:12:00 PM EDT

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