March 2006

#10: March 7, 2006 - Special Guest : Heidi May

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Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, if you heard the show, you probably saw this coming. Another crass comment from me. I actually just want to convey my appreciation to Heidi and Henry for giving this site a shout out on tonight's show. The old site even got mentioned!!! I'm so excited/happy right now that I have no idea how I am going to get to sleep. Ah, well. Sleep is for wusses!
I've broken the show up even further than I usually do tonight. Smaller files make for faster downloads, don't you find?
Oh, and...two last things. 1) I am mildly traumatized by the first song played tonight. I don't know what to make of the whole throat singing thing at all. And just as I was recovering, Henry had to go and play Thor, of all things. It's going to take a few plays of Music For a New Society for me to feel okay again. Sleep, I fear you and I will never meet again...
2) Thirty-eight shows have been broadcast since May 17, 2004 -- why is it that the Spanish version of David Lee Roth's "Yankee Rose" is being played on the show for the first time tonight? That was some of the awesomest awesome that ever awesomed, if you ask me. Not that you did. But I've just spent valuable time typing all this crap out. I'm not about to delete it now. Ah, well. You can yell at me in the comment section if you want.

01. Huun-Huur-Tu - "Kargyraa"
02. James Chance - "Contort Yourself"
03. Thor - "Thunderhawk (Demo)"
04. Butch Willis - "Drugs"
05. The Dogs - "Fed Up"
06. Deadboy & The Elephantmen - "How Long the Night Was"
07. The Jive 5 - "Rain"
08. Iggy Pop & James Williamson - "Kill City"
09. MC5 - "Gold"
10. The Buzzcocks - "Everybody's Happy Nowadays"
11. Sunn 0))) - "It Took The Night To Believe"
12. Sly and the Family Stone - "If You Want Me To Stay"
13. Pure Hell - "Lame Brain"
14. The Gun Club - "Bill Bailey"
15. The Monks - "I Hate You"
16. The Fall - "I Hate You"
17. David Lee Roth - "Yankee Rose (Spanish)"

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#11: March 14, 2006 - Stuart Saves the Day

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A very special thanks to Stuart for providing a high-quality recording of this show for download. If you have previously downloaded this show, please download it again in order to more fully enjoy the experience!
Thanks again, Stuart!

01. Archie Shepp - "Malcom, Malcom-Semper Malcom"
02. Hamell On Trial - "No Delays"
03. Gene Defcon - "Psycho Freakout"
04. James Carr - "You Got My Mind Messed Up"
05. Lee "Scratch" Perry - "Secret Laboratory"
06. Bernie Worrell - "Muck Thrust"
07. The Groundhogs - "Cherry Red"
08. Dome - "Cancel The Order"
09. Wolfman Jack
10. The Mob - "Witch Hunt"
11. The Meters - "Hey Pocky A-Way (Single Edit)"
12. The Moffs - "Grazing Eyes"
13. Miles Davis - "Black Satin"
14. Mahavishnu Orchestra - "Birds of Fire"
15. Lenny Bruce - "Father Flotsky's Triumph"
16. The Untouchables - "I Hate You"
17. The Fall - "White Lightning"
18. The Big Bopper - "White Lightning"
19. William Shatner & Henry - "I Can't Get Behind That"
20. Phil Lynott - "Dear Miss Lonely Hearts"
21. Charlie Harper - "If The Kids Are United..."
22. Squatweiler - "Hot For Teacher"
23. Dee Dee Ramone - "Mash Potato"

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#12: March 21, 2006

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01. Louis Jordan - "Beware"
02. Thin Lizzy - "Blackmail"
03. The Hoods - Michael Jackson crank call
04. Alan Vega - "Hammered"
05. Ween - "The Mollusk"
06. Curtis Mayfield - "If There's A Hell Down Below, Then We're All Gonna Go"
07. The Fall - "Jawbone and Air Rifle (Peel Session)"
08. Dee Dee Ramone w. Joey Ramone - "I Am Seeing UFOs"
09. The Chiefs - "Knocked Out"
10. Jimmy Rushing (?) - "She's A Wino"
11. Tom Waits - "Sea Of Love"
12. The Ruts - "Jah Wars"
13. Duke Ellington - "Pretty and the Wolf"
14. Miriam Makeba - "Ha Po Zamani"
15. The Last Poets - "Related To What"
16. Charlie Lincoln - "Jealous Hearted Blues"
17. The Piranhas - "Jilly"
18. Joseph Spence - "Will the Serpent Be Unbroken (Live)"
19. The Prima Donnas - "Nance Music Manifesto"
20. Tommy Johnson - "Cool Drink of Water Blues"
21. The Cravats - "I Am the Dreg"
22. Sam Cooke - "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen"
23. The Birthday Party - "Rowland Around in That Stuff (Peel Session)"
24. Eartha Kitt - "Evil"

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#13: March 28, 2006 : Guest Hosted by Chuck P. and Heidi May

If you're thinking that it won't be worth it to download this show because Henry isn't on it, think again. Chuck and Heidi play some awesome songs and we're treated to a brand new installment of "Heidi's Headlines" (woefully less the booming intro and Henry's little asides explaining his side of the whole debacle -- no doubt we'll be treated to that next week!). All in all a killer show, something a bit different from the others.
Just so you know, I lost the stream during the Stylers track at the end of Part Four. The stream picked up again while Heidi and Chuck were explaining how they know Henry and why they came to be filling in for him in his absence. If one of you can supply the missing minutes, by all means get in touch.

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01. The Swell Maps - "BLAM!!" (Chuck)
02. The Fall - "New Face in Hell" (Henry)
03. The Stooges - "Not Right" (Henry)
04. The Damned - "See Her Tonite" (Henry)
05. Betty Davis - "Dedicated To the Press" (Chuck)
06. Conk - "Alien Jam" (Chuck)
07. The Budos Band - "Up From the South" (Chuck)
08. The Rolling Stones - "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" (Heidi)
09. New York Dolls - "Puss N Boots" (Heidi)
10. Mohammed Rafi - "Jaan Pehechaan Ho"
11. The Devil's Anvil - "Shiseler" (Chuck)
12. The Stylers - "Chella-La" (Chuck)
13. The Adverts - "We Who Wait" (Henry)
14. The Ramones - "I Don't Care" (Henry, Heidi & Chuck)
15. Fela Kuti - "Shenshema" (Chuck)
16. Orchestra Baobab - "Mouhamadou Bamba" (Chuck)
17. David Bowie - "TVC15 (Live)" (Heidi)
18. The Buzzcocks - "Why Can't I Touch It?" (Heidi)
19. Tenores di Bitti - "Sa Bella Armonia" (Chuck)
20. Rollins Band - "Liar (Truncated)" (Heidi)

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