#45: November 07, 2006

Please go to the official site for your weekly overload of information. Thanks to everyone for putting your two cents in on the comments. One of the things I am working on is making the Fanatic! Fantasies downloads available directly from this website instead jumping through hoops at the free host sites. I'm going to do this a piece at a time so that there is still plenty of bandwidth for the real show. If you've already posted a F!F, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I may need you re-post them since some of the current links have expired. I'll send out emails through the mailing list as things progress to keep you updated, or you can check the Fanatic! Fantasies page in the next few days.

Part One * Part Two * Part Three * Part Four

01. Iggy Pop – 96 Tears
02. Helios Creed – Fire In The Head
03. The Evens – No Money
04. Bo Diddley – Pills
05. The Brides Of Funkenstein – Ride On
06. UK Subs – Tomorrows Girls
07. UK Subs - Scum Of The Earth
08. UK Subs - Telephone Numbers
09. Nico – One More Chance
10. Ludus – Mouth Piece
11. Cath Carroll – I Remember The Sun
12. Malaria! – Dead
13. The Fall – The Joke
14. Roy Orbison – Drifting Away
15. Max Roach – Deeds, Not Words
16. The Swans – Why Hide
17. The Blood Brothers – Devastator
18. The Ramones – Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (Live 11-14-77 Utica NY)
19. Johnny Dollar – Action Packed
20. King Tubby – Bag A Wire Dub
21. King Sunny Ade - Aiye – Le
22. Charley Lincoln - Ugly Papa
23. West African Rhythm Brothers - We Have It In Africa

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0 #4 2010-04-20 17:06
Anonymous said...

thank you so much for all those files. you dont know how much this means to me... Keep up the good work

Wed Nov 08, 12:27:00 PM EST

Blogger Angela said...

Thank you, kind stranger. I am happy to post the show for anyone, everyone, and no one at all.
If any of that made sense, perhaps you have a fever, too. ;p

Wed Nov 08, 04:19:00 PM EST

Anonymous FVK said...

this was the last show. Rollins has quit! too bad...hope he re-ignites this somehow someway

Thu Nov 09, 02:11:00 PM EST

Blogger Angela said...

Wow, that really blows! Well, if he ever does start the show back up again, I'll be here to record it. It's a damn shame. :(

Thu Nov 09, 04:50:00 PM EST

Blogger Stuart said...

Mother F-ers

He talked a bit about this Tuesday when the show started a bit early with
the Halloween show tape then it cut to Henry eating his dinner.
He said then someone was just in there thinking that he was supposed to be doing the 7-10 slot
and Henry had to remind him that it was his night for his show.

Satellite radio here he comes.

Thu Nov 09, 04:50:00 PM EST
0 #3 2010-04-20 17:05
Angela said...

Satellite radio. Now that would be something. Hey, wait a minute! I don't have satellite radio!
And go ahead, cuss your head off. I don't give a shit.

Thu Nov 09, 04:54:00 PM EST

Blogger Stuart said...

You know i am never going to get the full on jazz thing, just not me but
i have to thank Henry for opening up the worlds of Eno and Can to me. I thought i was
just a bitter old punker but even just for hearing these 2 bands the shows were worth it.
Let alone everything else.

Indie should just change its name and be the electonic station it was before the change.
You barely hear Ramones/Clash/pixies that got them recognised in the first place.
Hiding the speciality shows that were the real ground breaking part just makes it kroq-lite.
How long till Jonesy is forced to use the playlist.

Thu Nov 09, 05:19:00 PM EST
0 #2 2010-04-20 17:03
Blogger richard said...

thanks for all of your effort in keeping the site up and running. your work has saved me a lot of sleep. hopefully, sirius will put a call in to hank's manager.

Thu Nov 09, 05:30:00 PM EST

Blogger Angela said...

Stuart, I agree with your thoughts about Indie. They are getting farther and farther away from being an actual indie station. I do wonder if Jonesy will get run off somehow, too. I can't begin to tell you how much music I've discovered from listening to this show. That's why I like it so much and why I will continue to keep this site going.

Richard, thanks. If the show ever does pop up on a satellite radio station I'd have to find a way to get it, but I'd be happy to.

Thu Nov 09, 05:52:00 PM EST

Blogger justdamnedpunk said...

This is a real shit!! I will miss the show and hope he can carry on in another format. i've just fired a letter off to 103.1 to complain about losing the show, not sure if it will do anything. But you have to have your say.

Cheers Angela for taking over and carrying on with the site. & for all the kind words about my podcast.


Thu Nov 09, 08:23:00 PM EST
0 #1 2010-04-20 10:54
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to see this show go, damn sorry. Angela, thanks for keeping the site up through the duration.


Thu Nov 09, 09:21:00 PM EST
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thu Nov 09, 10:36:00 PM EST
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This sucks.

I hope he goes to Sirius, cause thats the one i got.

Anyways, on a lighter note, I grabbed that new The Evens record. its real good.


Thu Nov 09, 11:04:00 PM EST
Blogger Angela said...

Is it? I liked the "No Money" song. I'll have to get that one. Thanks, Jared.

Thu Nov 09, 11:12:00 PM EST
Anonymous janette p. said...

Thanks Angela!

There's an updated dispatch for today........ The show is back!

(from Henry's site) "....So, Indie was able to move some things around and allow me to keep my spot. I am very damn thankful they were able to do it and that the show means something to them. What can I say, I love my job."

Fri Nov 10, 01:33:00 AM EST
Blogger justdamnedpunk said...

yeeehaaaaaa, looks like my letter of complaint may have added to a few other voices. Glad i did it.

Fri Nov 10, 05:09:00 AM EST
Anonymous pp23 said...

Wow, hadn't checked since downloading the show first thing Wednesday morning...I'm kinda glad I didn't!!! Good to know Henry's show staying where it is...I've gotten MIGHTY addicted to my weekly dose...In a week where America FINALLY fought back, it would have been a bummer if Henry's show was cancelled...now I can be happy all around :)


Fri Nov 10, 10:18:00 AM EST

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