#32: August 7, 2007 - I got your MF'n Cheese right here!

Oh, fanatics, where do I even begin?

Thanks to a fellow fanatic for sending me tonight's track list! I really wasn't sure when I was going to get that updated since I will be traveling for most of tomorrow and part of Thursday. I'd give her a name check but she'd rather I not. You know who you are! :-) Next week I'll be in Sweden, but should still be able to get the show posted as usual. I am not sure how quickly the track list will go up and I won't have the program to update the index with me, but the downloads will still get to done.

Speaking of tonight's notes: The WM3 are in need of more funds and this comes straight from Henry's notes....
If you feel charitable on behalf of the West Memphis Three:
PO BOX 1216

I got an email from Steve over at The Soundtrack of Our Lives website about the Ruts benefit show that Henry just did. Click here for the forum post thread with Steve's recap of the event and photos. There's a great shot of "smiley face Henry". I didn't make that up.

No need to comb the internets! The tracks referred to at the end of the show (both the short and long "naughty" versions) are right here in one zip file.

Part One * Part Two * Part Three * Part Four

01. Grinderman Rock - Go Tell The Women
02. Y Pants – Favorite Sweater
03. Steel Leg Vs. The Electric Dread - Haile Unlikely
04. Karp – Shotzie
05. The Adverts - New Day Dawning
06. Andrew Hill – Desire
07. The Fall - Auto Tech Pilot
08. The Ruts - S.U.S.
09. Fela Ransome Kuti - Eko Ile
10. Georgie James - More Lights
11. Bruce Gilbert - In 3 Minds
12. The Eternals - Rockin' In The Jungle
13. The Rondelles – Distraction
14.The Sound - New Dark Age
15. The Stooges - Ann (Full Version)
16. Squatweiler - Belle Starr
17. Mark Stewart - Don't You Ever Lay Down Your Arms
18. Poison Girls - The Moon (I Wanted)
19. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Happy When It Rains
20. Bill Beach - Peg Pants
21. Ween – Pizza Hut Ad

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0 #2 2011-09-20 06:34
thanks for this but setlist is messed up on part four at least. It should be something like The Sound, Squatweiler, Poison Girls, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Bill Beach and Ween.
0 #1 2010-04-19 10:34
Fanatic Joel From Cleveland said... hope you all enjoyed last night! thanks for posting the Ween for everyone! - Wed Aug 08, 05:04:00 PM EDT

Letters From A Tapehead said... Really dug the Ween tracks. Thanks for posting them. - Wed Aug 08, 05:25:00 PM EDT

Angela said... That was a cool show. Thank YOU, Joel! - Thu Aug 09, 07:09:00 AM EDT

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