#33: August 14, 2007

"Hej" from Sweden! I can see why you Europeans are so keen on the downloads. It's fucking early here!!

Part One * Part Two * Part Three * Part Four

01. Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile
02. Byblos (Jbeil) Mosque - Noon Prayer
03. Ramones - Teenage Lobotomy
04. Wolf Eyes / Smegma - Track 04
05. Rondelles – Revenge
06. Robert Pete Williams - Mississippi Heavy Water Blues
07. Flin Flon - Leading Tickles
08. Teeth Of The Hydra - Our Strange Man
09. The Fall – Winter
10. Jah Stitch - Set Up Yourself Dreadlocks
11. The Clash - Capital Radio Two
12. William Bell - Fifty Dollar Habit
13. Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Hot Head
14. Jerry Cantrell – Castaway
15. Buzzcocks – I Don’t Mind
16. Buzzcocks - Autonomy
17. John Cale - Half Past France (alt. version)
18. Buck Gooter – Haunting
19. Deerhoof - Polly Bee
20. The Damned - Life Goes On
21. Bellmer Dolls - There Is No Oblivion
22. Gene Defcon - Letter To My Evil Dream Girl
23. Dead Boys - High Tension Wire
24. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Tupelo (Single Version)

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0 #4 2010-04-19 10:38
janette p. said... Angela, tack ska du ha! Ha en bra dag! (I hope I said "thank you very much" and "have a good day" in Swedish, if I can trust the language sites...) Hope you have an excellent trip! Please post photos if you are able! - Wed Aug 15, 01:37:00 AM EDT
0 #3 2010-04-19 10:38
Angela said... Thanks, Janette! :-) The show is uploading now. The connection isn't great so it's taking a bit longer than I was hoping for. Everyone back home is going to be mad! I only took a few pictures the second day I was here. - Wed Aug 15, 01:44:00 AM EDT

Jonas said... Thanks for the upload! Hope you're doin' just fine and that the trip from Gothenburg went fine, the town sure misses you alot! At least our family does! Sydney played with the dolphins in the bath tonight, she loved them of course! See ya later! Jonas - Wed Aug 15, 03:58:00 PM EDT

Angela said... Thanks, Jonas! I had a great time in Gothenburg. Thank you very much for letting me stay with your wonderful family. Too bad I couldn't stay longer! I didn't get some things done on this trip that I should have. I was having a bit too much fun and just enjoying being in Sweden. I will have to come back again. :-) - Wed Aug 15, 04:17:00 PM EDT
0 #2 2010-04-19 10:37
Anders said... yeah, thats why we swedes download, and love your site. You been to Gothenburg, cool!! small world, I live just a stones throw away in Sweden, well, its 1300km (808miles) up north but it feels close. Thanks for the upload. - Thu Aug 16, 12:59:00 AM EDT

Jonas said... Glad you liked it here! Too bad we didn't see that Tinariwen documentary I recorded from Swedish television... but at least you got to see that Philip Michael Thomas thingy! The next time you come over, you better use the camera... I think you will regret that you didn't take that many photos! - Thu Aug 16, 03:35:00 PM EDT
0 #1 2010-04-19 10:36
Angela said... Thanks, Anders! That practically is a stone's throw away considering how far away I normally am. You have a great transit system for moving about your country. I wish we had something like that here in Florida. We were going to have a monorail between Tampa and Orlando, but no one wanted to pay the taxes to fund it. It's a shame- I think both areas would've benefited from it. Anyway, I hope I have a little more time on my next trip so I can see more of Sweden. Jonas, I've had "Magic cookie... magic cookie..." stuck in my head for days!!! It's still funny every time, too. What a freak! Yeah, that Tinariwen thing would've been cool. Next time. :-) I already regret not taking more photos. - Tue Aug 21, 08:53:00 PM EDT

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