#19: May 8, 2007 - Happy Birthday Kenneth!

Yeah, it's official. Kenneth actually had a birthday. ;-)

I guess Henry thought the Fanatics Worldwide country list was pretty cool, too. He read the entire list! Every country gets a name check. Awesome!! I have one big note, though. I never said anything about excluding the US. It's on my list, too. I think I also had "UK" listed, but I can see how that is redundant, since I think I listed the individual countries already.

Part One * Part Two * Part Three * Part Four

01. Generation X - Your Generation
02. Generation X - Day By Day
03. Smart Went Crazy - Funny As In Funny Ha-Ha
04. Christer Bladin – Wildkatze
05. Third World War - Factory Canteen News
06. Dinosaur Jr. - Blah
07. James Carr - There Goes My Usta Be
08. Captain Beefheart - Beatle Bones 'n' Smokin' Stones
09. The Fall - The Man Whose Head Expanded
10. Buck Gooter - Woman President
11. The Damned - Sick Of Being Sick
12. The Damned - Stretcher Case Baby
13. Brian Eno - King's Lead Hat
14. Iggy Pop – Curiosity
15. Manu Chao – Clandestino
16. Cedell Davis - Keep On Snatchin' It Back
17. Jimi Hendrix - If 6 Was 9
18. Clara Rockmore - Nocturne in C# Minor
19. Sightings - 45 On The Back
20. Art Tatum - Caravan
21. Tinariwen - Tamatant Tilay
22. Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK
23. Gladys Knight And The Pips - One More Lonely Night
24. The Planet The – Tennis

Since I haven't mentioned it for a while and I think we've picked up a few new people since then, I'll say it again...
Be sure to check out the official site for all of Henry's detailed notes on tonight's songs.

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0 #2 2010-04-19 09:25
Mad Max said... So You know Kenneth (Mr Motormouth) too, Angela. He's a great guy and a good friend of mine. Best Wishes to all you Rollins fans out there. Mats - drummer of Mister Kite and owner of a black baseball cap with Zildjan printed on it! - Tue May 08, 06:12:00 PM EDT

Angela said... Mr. Motormouth? He's lucky if I let him get a word in edgewise! :-) Thanks, Mats! - Tue May 08, 06:18:00 PM EDT

Anonymous said... Thanks for all your hard work getting this show up. It means the world to me! - Wed May 09, 01:24:00 AM EDT

Angela said... Holy shit, you're fast! I just posted the last part. And you're very welcome. :-) - Wed May 09, 01:26:00 AM EDT
0 #1 2010-04-19 09:24
Paula said... Hey Angela, putting that country list together was really great. Thanks from all of us. Sending you greetings from the land on your list that starts with the "G" and looking forward to next week's archive... Until then, have a good week. x - Wed May 09, 05:47:00 PM EDT

CTS said... Just wanted to add my thanks for making this superb show available, and my apologies if I strained the bandwidth last month. Cheers! - Thu May 10, 12:24:00 PM EDT

Jonas said... Grattis Kenneth! - Tue May 15, 07:40:00 AM EDT

Angela said... (A day late and a dollar short.) Ok, so how many guys does it take to help me get a joke? Apparently 3. One to tell the joke, one to explain it, and one to send me the file so I know what the hell everyone is talking about! :-) Don't ask how I change my light bulbs. - Sat May 19, 04:26:00 AM EDT

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