#19: May 16, 2009

Lots of thank-you's for this week! Thanks to Debi for recording and uploading her file. Thanks to Kenneth for relaying messages while I was away. Thanks to Carl for keeping the index going through all the "hide-and-go-seek" file changes. Go team! :-D

Part One * Part Two

01. Thin Lizzy - Running Back
02. Dinosaur Jr. - I Don't Think So
03. Miles Davis - Rated X
04. Rites Of Spring - Deeper Than Inside
05. Sort Sol - White Shirt
06. King Crimson - Sleepless Bob (Clearmountain mix)
07. Einstürzende Neubauten - Seele Brennt
08. Empire - Expensive Sound
09. The Buzzcocks - Autonomy
10. Flin Flon – Kamloops
11. Generation X - The Invisible Man
12. Afflicted Man - Hippy Punk
13. The Saints – Stranded
14. The Wall – Ghetto
15. Dirty Dogs - Sorority Girl
16. Birthday Party - Jennifer's Veil
17. The Fall – Garden
18. The Horrors - Who Can Say
19. Rowland S. Howard - She Cried
20. Screaming Females - Starving Dog
21. AK Process - After All Love
22. The Velvet Underground - Lady Godiva's Operation

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, today I wanted to take a look at "The Henry Rollins News Page" (members.cox.net/_rollins/), but Google reports "this site may harm your computer". I visit this site for more then 10 years now, and I think, one can trust the author of the site. I guess, someone hacked the site. So please be aware of that. Unfortunately, I do not have the email-address of the author, and I do not want to go to site at the mmoment. So if anybody has the email-address, please drop him a few lines!
May 20, 2009 3:55 AM

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